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Dandelion Family is another Korean film exploiting the family sentiment topic. It’s now like a trend of TV serial in Vietnam, people feel like there are their own personalities on the TV. Otherwise, they can understand more about people around.

Anyway, I like this film, especially the ending song. Everytime I hear this song, I feel the warm of the tears in the corner of my eyes, and my heart trembles slightly, manytimes… but never ever bored of it.

And that’s the first impression that makes me follow Dandelion Family ( now, it’s is the only film I want to see)

That’s a trouble family :

– The dad has a bastard son.

– The mum is an Oriental woman, just stays at home, cooks, does housework .. and takes care of her husband and 3 daughters for a long time of about 30 years, this makes her be a weak, infentile, backward and pitiful wife.

– The oldest daughter has a violent husband behind his perfect life.

– The second daughter is a strong woman married an useless husband.

– The last-born daughter is a modern woman, a workaholic and doesn’t want to marry

But, I

– Like the show of responsibility and truthfulness of the dad.

– Sympathize with the thought of the mum, she’s somehow like my mum

– Admire the bravery of the oldest sister, dared to divorce her perfect apperance life in order to be less perfect but happy 😡

– Admire the belief of the second sister, with her strength, she can do everything.

– Love the way the youngest daughter does whatever she wants, so cool and lovely ^^

And more and more things so lovely in this film but I don’t want to be too sentimental, so stop to listen one of my favourite songs at this time 😡

The melody is likely to take me back to all the sweet memories I had, for me to stop for a while to enjoy the taste of life, for me to imagine all the lovely faces I met, for me to think deeper and deeper about how to be a good guy in this trouble world… And I truthfully want to show my thankfulness to all my lovers, especially my mum ❤


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  1. miss the ending :(((

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